Mudzingwa Diamonds established in 2011 is a fast growing diamond's company. We offer diamond solutions globally to diamond traders, diamond wholesalers, jewellery manufacturers and retailers. Our distribution network provides a platform for growth, allowing us to tackle new challenges and opportunities with experience and insight.

Invest in Diamonds!

G.I.A certified polished investment diamonds are the Ultimate Investment.

Yearly increase of diamond value +14.47%

Why Invest in Diamonds

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How to Invest in Diamonds - The Process

Trading diamonds is simple and straightforward with Mudzingwa Diamonds.
Our 5 step investment process ensures a secure and convenient transaction.

Step One

Make contact with us and we will respond to schedule meeting with one of our diamond investment specialists. In order to prepare some viable recommendations, we will ask you some questions before the meeting – but you are not required to provide any information prior to the scheduled meeting.

Step Two

The goal of the meeting is to hear about your needs, means, and investment preferences. Together, we will build a diamond investment portfolio that is tailored to your personal requirements. We will conclude the meeting by agreeing on a timetable for the following steps as.

Step Three

At the appointed time, we will send you a package of recommended investment opportunities, along with supporting documentation such as diamond certificates and parcel information. The package also includes an explanation of how the proposed portfolio meets your specific needs as well as other relevant information.

Step Four

Sign up. After receiving your payment, we acquire Deliveries are made to a specific person based on your designation, with the courier verifying the address, validating the recipient's identification, and obtaining their signature. In some cases, additional details are verified to protect your investment. If you wish to store your diamonds with a trusted partner, we can offer a variety of storage options on secure premises.

Step Five

After receiving the delivery, we will contact you to ensure your satisfaction with your investment and to discuss future opportunities. You will receive regular updates from us on trends and changes in the diamond market. To find out the value of your portfolio at any time, simply ask for an assessment. Please bear in mind, however, that diamonds are a long-term investment and prices may fluctuate in short periods of time.