Diamonds As An Investment

Diamond being a unique natural resource, it has high value. It is only natural to have a diamond investment programme. The Mudzingwa diamond investment programme (MDIP) allows you to store your money in diamonds as a store of value. This program is designed to give clients security on their money as they purchase polished diamonds. For more information please contact us.

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Rough Diamonds

Rough diamonds are unique. Mudzingwa diamonds upholds industry regulations and sells rough diamonds with Kimberly Process certification. We host private rough diamond auctions regularly. To participate in our auctions you have to meet pre-defined financial, performance and ethical standards. To participate in our next private auction please contact us.

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Polished Diamonds

Handling polished diamonds is a combination of a trained skilled eye, knowledge and technology. The diamond beneficiation is an art and should only be treated as such. Because diamonds are handled individually we use technology and skills to intuitively reduce the time required to find the right diamonds for our clients. We pride our self to only selling the best diamonds in the world which are G.I.A certified. We sell loose polished diamonds of all shapes and sizes ranging from 0.10ct to 10ct diamonds and also larger diamonds (Investment Diamonds).

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